Drivers CPC

digi box frontDrivers CPC periodic training is a European directive

ALL  professional  HGV/LGV or a PCV drivers who drive for hire and reward are required to complete 35 hours of periodic training driver CPC training every 5 years and obtain a Driver Qualification Card(DQC)
Anyone who passed their test after 10th September 2008 will be required to complete 35 hours training before 9th September  2013 coaches and 9th September 2014 Hgv/Lgv and every five years from theses dates.

Tachograph-charts paper chart front and backCourses available:
Drivers Hours and Tachograph Regulations
Customer Service
Loading and Securing Techniques
Eco Driving and Adverse Weather Driving and vehicle checks
First Aid and Accident Procedures


Other Courses
Health and safety regulations principles workplace