Forklift Truck & Plant Operation Training


Forklift Truck training in Wales and England.

Forklift and machine operators are a skilled part of any company and are in high demand throughout the British Isles from warehouses to building sites and agriculture and forestry.
Each machine type has different certification and training, this is specific.

Training is composed of four sections.
Formal, Practical, Theory and Test with certification on passing.
Formal classroom based with DVD and powerpoint interactive discussion
Practical hands on with introduction to machine type and safety checks, demonstration and use under instruction, practice and Test if standard has been met.
Evaluation debrief and results from both Practical and Theory.

Types of Forklifts:
Counter Balance Truck
This is the most commonly used truck operation in storage units and open areas.

Reach Trucks
These are used in warehousing where space is restricted allowing extra storage racking.

Pivot Steer Truck
Commonly known as Flexi or Bendi. These have a mid pivot design allowing trucks to turn in narrow isles and stack, They have tall lift masts so care is needed on doorways etc.

These have the ability to place or remove from height and across at distance. These are normally rough terrain four wheel drive and steer. They have more specialist training due to a higher knowledge. Extra safety is needed.

Lorry Mounted Forklift Truck.
Moffett have a Mast Lift. 40 plus years ago they invented the concept of attaching a small forklift truck to the rear of a vehicle. This revolutionised the way loads could be delivered and stored. These are very effective and robust.
Manitou have a telescopic Arm. These are attached to the vehicle in the same way. Loads can be lifted and transported up to 2.5 ton.

Lorry Mounted Crane
These are designed to lift and set down very large items. They can be very large and take extra skill to use correctly. Training is essential to use them correctl, and will involve both practical skill and knowledge of safety.

Excavators tracked 360 degree .
Excavators range from ¾ ton mini to 100 ton machines.  Small machines can be used for house extentions to large construction. The training you have is for the type of machine you operate. Below and above ten ton is certificated after training.

180 Degree Wheeled Excavator.
Road transported

Rear tipping load
Forward tipping load

Timescales and ratio:

The following training days are required to conform to Itssar Accredited Awarding Body.

1.      Novice no experience – 3 days individual candidate or 5 days 3-1-1 ratio
2.      Experienced operator – 3 days 3-1-1 ratio
3.      Refresher/retest – 1 day with 3-1-1 ratio
4.      Conversion – 1 day 3-1-1 ratio

Please note 360 Excavator novice is up to a ten day course.